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Monday, November 3, 2008

Sweet & Hot Pickles aka Wickles

Take 1 gallon dill pickles & 1 large jar of Jalapenos (about 64oz) as cheap as you can buy. You can get a gallon jar of pickles for under $4 at Sam's or walmart and a large jar of Jalapenos for under $3. I buy the jars of pickles and jalapenos at Walmart in the over sized section. Cut into chunks and discard the ends and the vinegar you have drained off the pickles. Return the pickles to the gallon glass jar and start adding the sugar. Add as much sugar as the jar will hold. After adding the sugar start adding the jalapeno juice the same way as the sugar. Add as much as the jar will hold.

You will have to shake the sugar as you add it for the jar to hold it all. When you have about half of the sugar in the jar shake the jar vigorously and add the remainder of the sugar. You can also add a few of the jalapenos if you want. (but be careful cause the more jalapenos you add the hotter it will be) Put the lid on tightly now for the next 7 days you will turn the jar every day to rotate from top to bottom. (Sit with top of jar up one day and upside down the next.) Refrigerate large jar while turning. When the 7 days are up divide into smaller jars for gift giving

Smaller Recipe:
The recipe I used was for a 46 oz jar of Dill Pickles and a Large 46-64 oz size Jar of Jalapeno peppers. I added about 2 cups of sugar and enough jalapeno juice the pickle jar would hold. It might hold as much as 2 1/2 cups of sugar.

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Bluestone said...

I love Tony Packo's Sweet Hot Pickles. I hope this is a homemade version with a cheaper price. Thanks. I'm anxious to try this.