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Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Treats

Tequila Soaked Watermelon Wedges

1 small seedless watermelon,
(quartered and cut into 1-inch-thick wedges)
1 cup sugar
3/4 cup water
1 - cup tequila
3/4 - cup Triple Sec
2 limes, halved or cut into wedges
Margarita salt or coarse salt

Arrange watermelon in a single layer in two 9-by-13-inch baking dishes. Bring sugar, water, tequila, and Triple Sec to a boil in a small saucepan. Cook, stirring, until sugar dissolves, about 1 minute. Let cool slightly. Pour syrup over watermelon wedges, and refrigerate for at least 45 minutes. Remove watermelon from syrup, and arrange on a platter. Squeeze limes over melon, and season with salt.

* I did make a change in the recipe by increasing the amount of Tequila and Triple Sec but that is the only change I made. The original recipe called for 1/2 tequila and 1/4 cup triple sec.

Layered Margarita Bites

2 cups boiling water
2 pkg. (3 oz. each) JELL-O Margarita Flavor Gelatin
1/2 cup tequila
Zest and juice from 1 lime
2 cups thawed COOL WHIP Whipped Topping

ADD boiling water to gelatin mixes in large bowl; stir with whisk 2 min. until completely dissolved. Stir in tequila and 2 Tbsp. lime juice. Add COOL WHIP and 1 tsp. lime zest; stir until COOL WHIP is completely melted and mixture is well blended. POUR into 8-inch square pan. REFRIGERATE 3 hours or until firm. Cut into 36 pieces to serve.

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